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My Personal blog (17.02.2020 ) - Today I feel:
Baatein karke rula na dijiyega… U chup rehke saza na dijiyega… Na de sake Khushi,to Gam hi sahi… Par DOST bana ke uhi bhula na dijiyega …main apke call ka intzar kar rhi hu..
I will come online: kal dopahar 4 bje...

About Me:

Guess this is a bit complicated. I really never saw this question coming! One thing’s for sure I’m not a nerd. I love travelling and camping in the open with my friends on a starry night and count shooting stars! This doesn’t make me a timid person as I’m interested in sports and love volleyball and badminton- no just an amateur and not in the college team, just with the neighbor boy in the apartment court. My friends call me the homely type and Im not the best judge about me. I guess I’m a bit timid after all! Having travelled, I guess I’m a polyglot and would love to have more tongues in my bag.

Just a short story :) ...

  Ok! Now where shall I begin? I’m a bit forward in my thoughts and my hobbies are not quite girlish, Being active in sports has given me a body that has gained me some nice comments. I love to be in the company of men and love long chats. You can be really open with me. I like to ask and be asked and love to share anything that does not pour cold water on the mood. Come and meet me here.

What makes me happy:

i love to flirt with men younger than me.

What makes me sad:

when someone ignores me.

On my free time:

Sink down in the couch with a Mills & Boon.

I like to Talk About:

Sports generally and a bit of err risque!

Callers Testimonials:

i just went through a breakup and the time was really hard for me. i found this number on the internet and called. well the girl really brought a cheer on my face. now i have a friend with whom i can share every tension of my life without revealing my real identity.

I read a lot about success stories on chat forums and tried out my luck! Well, let’s say that chat is not a bed of roses. You can’t be sure of whom you’re talking with in the usual chat rooms, but this is one that would make your time worthwhile.

I never had such a personal experience before! This is quite a new trend in the virtual dating scene in India!

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