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My Personal blog (10.07.2020 ) - Today I feel:
Ajnabi Rishton Ka Naam Hai Dosti Har Gum Ki Dawa Hai Dosti Dost Bichhad Jaye To Rota Hai Dil Magar Dosti Toot jaye To Roti Hai Zindagi.... Love you all my phone friends :)
I will come online: I am online from 11:00 pm till 4:00 am

About Me:

You might wonder what my name means! Not sure if its Sanskrit but it means smile. I’m a bit dark in my complexion and my friends say that it's my highlight. But I think my highlight is that I make friends quite fast, be it a man or a woman. I notice that I like to chat with people older than me and younger and that does not mean that I don't go well with my peers. I love travelling and hiking the countryside.

Just a short story :) ...

  I owe it all to my cousin for making me what I’m today. I was very shy in the beginning and thought that would be a lasting trait. I can tell you this, I got freer when I began to chat with people. I’m a good listener and that’s what people tell me in the chat room. I like to share my intimate thoughts about life and would love to hear yours too.

What makes me happy:

The green countryside

What makes me sad:

Sad movies

On my free time:

I listen to music in my bed

I like to Talk About:

Girlish books.

Callers Testimonials:

As her name suggests, she did bring a smile on my face, I just broke up with my girlfriend and was feeling depressed till I met her.

Hats off to her. I like her complexion and the way she talks, makes me feel at home

She’s quite frank and you can share your intimate moments with her and she shares hers also. I love to come back tomorrow.

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