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My Personal blog (10.07.2020 ) - Today I feel:
Rudhiwadi hoon lekin mujhe dosti ke rishte me yah sab laana achha nahi lagta, kya aap mujh se phone pe baat kar ke mera aur aap ka samay madhur banayenge.
I will come online: Roj Subah 11 baje se Dopahar 3 baje tak

About Me:

Flirty isn’t my exact personality, I come from a conservative background but like to chat with others and have fun doing so. I hang around boys and girls in my college and am really fun loving and like to be with like company. Partying is what I like the most and usually gel and be the soul of the party. There is no limit to the limit of fun I can go to and you can talk to me about almost anything. I’m open to new ideas and adopt ones that I think is good. I would like to find my mate virtually and who knows? He might actually turn up here one day.

Just a short story :) ...

   i am cool naughty and creative. But this has not been the case from the start. I was very conservative till i completed my high school and then college really changed me.I hang out with friends in late night parties and visit discs and pubs at weekend. I love to wear skirts and high heels.I ve been in few relations but still no one who could touch my heart. Well lets just not say everything here. I choose to remain a mystery until you contact me. Call me and you will find a girl next door in me. My story is very simple and straight. I love to be with men who are mature and understand me. Do you think you are the one? Hope to hear from you soon.

What makes me happy:

I feel really happy when I m able to console some one on chat.

What makes me sad:

Seeing depressed people.

On my free time:

Put on my oven mittens and love baking godies

I like to Talk About:

Your love problems

Callers Testimonials:

this has been a memorable moment for me. A dating experience at par with international standards.

When i was referred to this site, I dint have much expectation, but this is the best dating site.

I know that anyone who visit this site will surely comeback.

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