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My Personal blog (10.07.2020 ) - Today I feel:
Dosto aap log call karte hain dil ko tasalli milti hai. Sach me mere dost nahi hote to jeena bekaar ho jaata..! Thanks to all friends.
I will come online: Kal Milti hoon aap se

About Me:

studied in a co-education school and then college. I love to chat, and be with the boys. This is the actual life. Opposite always attracts. People think otherwise because they have no idea of actual life. You won’t be young all the time and this is the time to enjoy life. so i love hanging out with my boyfriend and have a lot of fun. i believe 20’s is the golden period of one’s life and need to be enjoyed to the fullest.

Just a short story :) ...

  Turning 19 was a major thing for me! Now I can do what everyone can do all opened up before me. All that mingling in the co-ed has made me be quite at home with boys. I do have lot of bf’s and love going with them to the movies and the beach. I'm quite the free minded type you can feel that when you talk to me. Have a love affair that’s not going straight? Ask me for advice. I love helping people.

What makes me happy:

when someone compliments me for my beauty and personality.

What makes me sad:

my boy friend checking out other girls in front of me makes me angry.

On my free time:

Pamper myself with a relaxing massage

I like to Talk About:

Soothing massage techniques

Callers Testimonials:

I love this girl and her outlook about life. This is where we get the real taste of life.

Sarita is the right person to be with. She is the embodiment of the modern life we are looking at. She is desi with a foreign mindset but desi mind.

With the daily routine, we get so much fed up, we look forward for some refreshments for mind and soul. This girl gives you that. She is the best in the site and all over internet.

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