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My Personal blog (10.07.2020 ) - Today I feel:
Mujhe har dost pyara hai, call kare naa kare dost to hamara hai. Mujhe pata hai jaise hi yaad aayegi mere dost mujhe call kar denge....!Agar sacche dost ho to abhi call karo....
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About Me:

I am that girls who is a dream maker for the boys. I love chatting with boys. I am romantic from the day I understood the relationshiop with the other sex. Romance is in my blood and will live and die with me. I love to chat here on this site , I love to make new friends . you are welcome to call if you are clever , interesting an polite :)

Just a short story :) ...

  It sure was a rollercoaster ride for me when I went to college after studying in a only girls school. At college there were all these boys teasing and trying to break the ice. I really enjoyed it and had more fun than ever, not to mention the risque side of it. They say that I have the lighter sense of fashion and I do agree as I dress for the comfort of it and don’t stick to all that stack of traditional clothing. If you have something to share that is risque, I’ve a lot, lets meet here.

What makes me happy:

The boy who speaks to me is with me in heart and soul, i love to play pranks on my friends.

What makes me sad:

Those who think something and say something else, weekends are meant to be enjoyed and i hate spending them alone

On my free time:

Lose myself playing the violin.

I like to Talk About:

Romance and problems that you face.

Callers Testimonials:

I just got into this place by mistake. I spoke to Priyanka also by mistake. I am happy with that mistake now.

Priyanka feels like a herioine. I would like to take her in my mental horse to my palace. I have not heard such a lovely romantic words from anywhere else.

If there is any chance to marry this girl, that would be a great day of my life.

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