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My Personal blog (10.07.2020 ) - Today I feel:
Mujhe mere dost desi kahete hai, lekin mein gussa nahi balki khush hoti hoon kyunki mujhe desi bane rahena bahut achha lagta hai. Mujhe internet aur phone par dost banake unse lambi batein karna bahut pasand hai, isse mera akellapan dur ho jaata hai.
I will come online: ab online hoon.. abhi call kijiye..

About Me:

I am a real Indian girl with a desi look and wants to be that way only. I am a loner at home and that is why I would like to have internet friends. This takes away my loneliness and makes me happy. I am good talker, whoever listens to me forgets everything else. i love to chat with strangers and make new friends.

Just a short story :) ...

  I was a lot into boarding schools and convents in my school- college days, this made me be a loner at home but outside Im quite different. You can call me the flirty type at least I call myself so. Though I’m silent at home I’m not so when it comes to my bedroom and only my best friend- my pillow knows it. I have a lot of friends and most of them have come from chat rooms. Now I live all by myself so please do come on chat and let’s have a good time.

What makes me happy:

When people recognise me as real desi girl ,weather affects my mood to great extent. i believe rainy season is the season of happiness.

What makes me sad:

When people start speaking unwanted things

On my free time:

Float in the classical notes of Chopin

I like to Talk About:

Music and especially classical music.

Callers Testimonials:

I am fed up with girls acting like foreign bred. This girl is really desi and acts desi too.

Sarita is the model of new Indian way of life. She is current, knows how to deal with the modern boys.

When first spoke Sarita, I have other ideas about the girls. She has just changed my ideas about life and everything about life

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