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My Personal blog (10.07.2020 ) - Today I feel:
Kyun aapko bhi mere honth achhe lage kya? Log mujhe Preety Zienta bulate hai kyunki me ek khubsurat hansi ki malik hoon. Me naakhush logo tak ko hansa sakti hoon, to kya aap mujh se baat kaarna chahoge, me aapse ek phone call maatr door hoon...Abhi call karein.
I will come online: har shaam 10 baje se

About Me:

People know me from my smile. Such a radiant smile, people just fall for it. This makes my life complete. I not only smile but would like to share that around. Life is nothing without smile. Smile and talk sweet, that is my motto of life and my voice reflects my lively personality. people love to talk to me and share their problems with me. my friends say that my very presence makes their tensions go away.

Just a short story :) ...

  I was born into an upper middle class family and as my parents had to travel a lot which was what was asked by their job, I got a hang of many languages. This also made me be an extrovert and I liked the company of boys. At high school this turned into a bit of … well an extended level of it. I actually love flirting with them and it's a totally different story when its a chat. I can go to any extent! Come and share your story with me.

What makes me happy:

People who talk good things of life, I believe in love and romantic talks turn me on.

What makes me sad:

When people do not recognise my taste

On my free time:

Listen to Pink Floyd.

I like to Talk About:

Anything that soothes you!

Callers Testimonials:

She is an atom bomb. explodes and takes you along with it. Talking with her is like taking a trip to heaven and back

She is so sweet talker and grasps the info so fast.

Great talker. I would to talk to her again and again.

when you go for most of the chat services online, you end up hearing a computerized message or talking to some trained professionals. but this site is totally different. you will get real desi girl next door on the phone here.

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